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MAIN CAP LINKS (Login to EServices first for direct access most weblinks here and on CAP sites)


CAP National - http://www.gocivilairpatrol.com (public access site)

National CAP University - https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/members/cap-university  (Access to Primary Training Info)

CAP EServices Login - http://capnhq.gov (members ONLY - contains member data, training, qualifications, appointments, etc.)

EServices Where Do I Start? Overview - https://www.capnhq.gov/CAP.WhereDoIStart.Web/Default.aspx

EServices Operations Quals - https://www.capnhq.gov/CAP.OPSQuals.Web/Default.aspx  (Spec Qual Tng Records (SQTR))

Ops Qual Reports - https://www.capnhq.gov/CAP.OPSQuals.Web/Reports/Reports.aspx 

Squadron ORide Detail Report (Select under Reports list)

EServices Favorites - https://www.capnhq.gov/CAP.eServices.Web/MyAccount/Favorites.aspx (A MUST SET UP!!!)

EServices Member Search - https://www.capnhq.gov/CAP.MemberSearch.Web/ (Member Contact Information)

EServices WIMIRS https://www.capnhq.gov/WMIRS/Default.aspx  (Aircraft Management System)

WMIRS Scheduling Module https://www.capnhq.gov/WMIRS/Scheduling/Calendar.aspx

WIMIRS Reports https://www.capnhq.gov/WMIRS/Reports/WMIRSReports.aspx

Cadet Monthly ORide Summ Report https://www.capnhq.gov/WMIRS/Reports/CadetOrientationFlights.aspx

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