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Emergency Services - ES Training - General Emergency Services

CAPT 116: General Emergency Services

Mumma GSARCAPT 116 Part 1 covers general emergency services operational mission procedures. It is based largely on the following resources:

Once you've worked through all of the above materials, you can take the CAPT 116, Pt. 1 Exam(LMS link).  NOTE: The new AXIS test link is here here.  You must search for "CAPT 116 General ES"

CAPT 117: Emergency Services Continuing Education

CAPT 117 Parts 1-3 are requirements for various qualifications as outlined below. It is recommended you take all three parts.  Each test is available (with study materials visible after the test is chosen) from this page.  (Scroll down to the "Emergency Services" section of the page.)

Part 1 is required for all ground crew, including ground team members, ground team leaders, urban direction finding team members and critical incident stress team qualified.
Part 2 is required for all aircrew, including mission pilots, transport mission pilots, mission scanners, mission observers, flight line marshallers and flight line supervisors.
Part 3 is required for all mission base staff, including mission radio operators, mission staff assistants, branch directors, section chiefs and incident commanders.


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