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Cadet Orientation Rides

   Pilot Contact List 
   Cadet Front Seat ORide Report (Updated Monthly)
   Cadet Back Seat ORide Report (Updated Monthly)

REQUEST A FLIGHT FORM - Enter a date or dates you are available to fly.

CADET Required Actions

1) Review the Squadron Calendar weekly to verify flight times, status and assigned cadets.
2) Review "Front Seat ORide Report" and verify your Aircraft Ground Handling (AGH) training is completed. Training is located on AXIS (YOU MUST LOGIN TO ESERVICES FIRST THEN USE THIS LINK)
3) Review "Front Seat ORide Report" and verify which flight you are completing and determine what Syllabus to read.
4) One week prior to flight, email pilot to verify availability.  If you do not receive a response by three days prior to flight, call pilot.
5) Review the CAPP 60-40 Orientation Flight Guide syllabus for your scheduled flight.

Note: The above links open locally stored reports on our website.

To obtain current reports:

  1. Login to EServices
  2. Select Menu > Reports > MemberReports OR (Select this direct link to Member Reports)
  3. Choose "Cadet Orientation Report" or "Cadet Orientation Backseat Report" in the *REPORTS drop menu.
  4. Save Reports as PDF with the default assigned name.
  5. Web Admin must upload these PDF files and an updated pilot contact list to the following folder path:                                                  Website Files»WebPageDocuments»OrientationRides
  6. Locate the old file and edit it (DO NOT DELETE).  You can then choose the location of the updated file and upload it to the website. Repeat this for each updated file.  If you still see the old file when using the web page link.  Refresh your browser or close and reopen it to see the updated file.



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