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Member Biography Template

(Courtesy of Washington Wing, Civil Air Patrol)

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Grade First M. Last


Staff biographies typically have only two or three paragraphs. Spell out all office symbols, acronyms, and organizational names; do not provide details that compromise unit-level operational security (e.g., numbers of people, aircraft, or equipment). First paragraph begins with abbreviated rank and full name followed by position title (from official records), organization, base, and location. Next, provide a brief description of the member’s responsibilities in this position. In the second paragraph, briefly describe the member’s career: when the member entered Civil Air Patrol (month and year of membership followed by technical training, courses attended, and the month/year of graduation from technical training, and a summary of the most significant assignments (not a “laundry list” of assignments). The final sentence of the narrative as part of this paragraph OR the opening sentence of the third paragraph reads, “Prior to his/her current position, the (abbreviated rank/last name) was the (position title, organization, base, and location).” Optional paragraph. Provide information on the member’s other noteworthy assignments, contingency operations experience, deployments, and flight information as applicable. For guard/reserve personnel, this paragraph may include information on the member’s past service in addition to any civilian professions; however, do not use the name of companies. If not included in the second paragraph, the third paragraph may simply be “Prior to his/her current position, the (abbreviated rank/last name) was the (position title, organization, base, and location).”



(Include scholarly achievement, CAP professional development courses completed, and professional course certifications.) 2004 Training Leaders of Cadets, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wa. 2008 Corporate Learning Course, Maxwell AFB, Ala. 2015 Bachelor’s Degree, Underwater Basket Weaving, University of Washington, Wa


(For more examples, see CAPR 20-1) 

  1. Month YEAR - Month YEAR, Culminating Duty Position, Unit, and State



(Awards, decorations, and ribbons listed in CAPR 39-3. Highest earned cadet achievement may be included. List with highest in precedence on top.) 

Award Name, Month YEAR, Clasp (If applicable), Month YEAR



List significant other achievements chronologically (first to most recent) by year, followed by a space, and the title or brief description of the achievement. 2014 Distinguished Graduate, National Emergency Services Academy 2015 Overlake Composite Squadron Officer of the Year (Squadron level awards below yearly and “superior performer” awards are not considered “significant.” Neither are Participation Letters or Certificates of Appreciation.)


2014 - present, U.S. Green Building Council, Member 

2014 - present, Washington Department of Transportation Disaster Relief Volunteer, Tacoma, WA 

2016 - present, Boy Scouts of America, Wanderer Scout, Bremerton, WA


List all ranks from membership to the current rank held as in example shown below. Senior Member, July 5, 2009 Second Lieutenant, January 10, 2010 First Lieutenant, June 7, 2012 Captain, October 23, 2014


(Current as of dd-mon-yr)

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