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Collaboration-Microsoft TEAMS/Office 365


Get real-time updates for Martinsburg CAP right on your phone, tablet, or computer

(Please fully READ these instructions.  If you have questions,  notify Sq leadership or leave a message on the squadron phone at 304-804-3020.)

Each CAP member in the state of West Virginia is provided an Office365 user account (e.g.  Access Office365 at  If you already have a personal or business Office365 or Windows 10 account, you will likely have to logout and then login with your CAP user account.  IMPORTANT: Your initial login MUST be from a computer not a smart device.  SET UP PASSWORD recovery by adding an external email, text/call phone number, and security questions.

NOTE: YOUR CAP EMAIL IS SEPARATE FROM YOUR CAP NATIONAL LOGIN.  Every member has online only access to Microsoft Office365 applications and is able to download Outlook and Teams to their personal devices/computers.  All members are encouraged to use their CAP email account for all CAP business and activities.

Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 application that allows users and groups to 2-way message, video conference and conduct real-time document collaborate.  TEAMS access is available on IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and web browsers.  Using this app will allow CAP members to quickly disseminate messages and receive help without remembering others' email or phone numbers.  Personal information is NOT disclosed to other members.


Fast: Messages are sent in real time to the squadron, a small group, or a single person. You can schedule meetings ahead of time and attach files.

Accessible: With TEAMS, you can send chat messages or video conference at any time.

Effective:  Stay informed in real-time or catch up on a discussion by reading past team chats.

Martinsburg Squadron Identification in TEAMS

Teams Group --- WV020-Martinsburg       Cadet Channel --- WV020-Cadets       Senior Channel --- WV020-Seniors

Computer/ Smartphone / Tablet SETUP 

Download the Teams app HERE  

Download the MS-Outlook from you Office365 login.

WEB access for Email and TEAMS - You can access Email, TEAMS, and other Office365 applications using a WEB browser.  We recommend you use the TEAMS app for a better user experience.

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